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It was a dark and stormy night…

June 17, 2010 1 comment

I took this shot of Kennedy House this evening. Kinda like Halloween weather.

New Farmer’s Market

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Reposting this great news from the Queens Central blog’s forums:

“It took a bit of work, but Weichert Realty has arranged with Harvest Home Organization for a weekly Farmer’s Market to take place in our parking lot. There will be lots of fresh farm produce from local farms. Details are as follows:

101-15 Metropolitan Avenue (right off 71st Avenue)
Every Saturday (starting July 10th), 8am – 4pm

Please come show your support, by visiting the first farmer’s market on Saturday, July 10th. We’re hoping for a great turn out, so we can make this a permanent part of the Forest Hills community.”

New Falafel Place Opens on Austin

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s called NY Falafel Bar and here is the menu:

Tel: 718.268.9500
72-32 B AUSTIN ST.
Sunday-Thursday 10:30am – 9:30pm
Friday 10:00am – 2Hour before Shabbat
Eat in
Free delivery
Take out
Free Delivery – Minimum $10

Falafel Haim 5.50 6.50
Pita/Wrap Baguette
Sabbich 5.50 6.50
Shakshuka 5.50 6.50
Shawarma 9.95 10.95
Baby Chicken 10.95 11.95
Hot Pastrami 9.95 10.95
Hot Turkey 9.95 10.95
Israeli Style 8.50 9.50
Spanish Style 8.50 9.50
Chinese Style 8.50 9.50
Grilled Style 8.50 9.50
Tender chicken cutlet, deep fried or grilled
Falafel balls, special mix of ground chick peas
Fried eggplant, hummus, hard boiled egg
Eggs over easy in middle eastern stew of tomatoes
Tender baby chicken roasted on a spit, Israeli Style
Very tender baby chicken grilled meat
Beef pastrami
Turkey breast pastrami
BBQ Tehina Garlic Mayo
Hot Chili Pesto
Thousand Island Honey Mustard
All sandwiches served with hummus, salad, pickles
Falafel Haim 9.95
Falafel balls, special mix of ground chick peas
All platter served with french fries, salad,
pickles & pita bread (baguette add $1)
Schnitzel 12.95
Choice of any two from schnitzel bar
Shakshuka 9.95
Eggs over easy in middle eastern stew of tomatoes
Shawarma 12.95
Tender baby chicken roasted on a spit, Israeli Style
Baby Chicken 13.95
Very tender baby chicken grilled meat
All salads served with lettuce, fresh vegetables
choice of sauce and pita bread (baguette add $1)
Grilled Chicken Salad 12.95
Schnitzel Strips Salad 12.95
Shawarma Mix Salad 12.95
Baby Chicken Salad 13.95
Israeli Salad 4.95
Hummus 4.95
Babaganoush 4.95
Jerusalem Salad 5.95
All salads served with pita bread
French Fries 3.95
Curly Fries 4.95
Onion Rings 3.95
Kube (4pcs) 6.50
Stuffed with ground meat
Moroccan Cigars (4pcs) 6.50
Burekas 4.95
CHOICE OF: Potato, Mushrooms, Spinach
Served with hard boiled egg and pickles
Soup of the day 3.95
Soda 1.50
Mineral Water 1.25
Snapple 1.75
Fruit Drinks 2.00
Malt Beer(non alcoholic) 2.00
Baklawa 3.00
Fresh Fruits (in season) 3.00
Pita Bread 0.70
Knish 4.95
CHOICE OF: Potato, Spinach, Broccoli, Kasha
Served with hard boiled egg and pickles
Tax not included.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Started as a great falafel place in Brooklyn
and now growing to a chain of the
best falafel in New York City prepared by
the Isreali shef Haim Ben-Simon.
Falafel-Bar has put vegetarian cuisine back on the
map with fresh salads, pitas and home made humus,
tahina, falafel, sabich and other great dishes.
First glatt kosher falafel-Bar in Forest Hills
as well a range of fresh middle eastern dishes like,
baby chicken shawarma, schnitzel 4 way, burekas,
pastrami, delicious salads and much much more.
Fresh Healthy Fast Tasty
“Falafel Haim” prepared daily from
the best ingredients.
This is the original Israeli recipe
for delicious falafel.
If you liked our original “Falafel Haim”
you can visit our Brooklyn locations:
Under the strict supervision of Congregation Midrash Dovid
4002 3rd Ave (corner of 40th St.)

Calm Before the Storm?

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

We’re barely into summer here in Forest Hills, but I have noticed that the weather seems to be unusually calm for this time of year. Even a line of thunderstorms that looked impressive on the radars late last night (around 1 a.m.) seemed to peter out as it reached us. We got barely a wimper out of it.
This makes me wonder if our luck is about to run out; are we in for that long-awaited hurricane that they’ve been predicting for some 60 years now – you know, the one that will bulldoze through Long Island?
Forest Hills is in a good position geographically to withstand such a big storm given its high elevation and that we are not close to the water.
Could this be the summer we are tested?

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