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What’s for Dinner?

June 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are a couple of local recommendations:

Head on over to Restaurant Row, also known as 70th Rd., and visit either:

  • Moca Asian Bistro, 107-18 70th Rd. I recommend you try their boneless B.B.Q spare ribs – sensational! According to the menu, they are marinated & prepared for over 24 hours. And it shows. 718.268.3333
  • Was feeling a little queasy last eve (might’ve been all that Nathan’s on Saturday) so I wanted something kind of light. I saw “homemade chicken soup” on the menu of Moca’s neighbor, Bangkok Cuisine at 107-18 70th Road. For 8 bucks you get a lot of soup (I had it delivered) and it was exceptional. 718.261.4005

Morning Coffee

June 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy first day of Summer! It’s a fittingly beautiful morning in Forest Hills. This weekend left me thinking, however, that one thing Forest Hills sorely lacks are some small, independent establishments where residents can spend time lingering with a cup of coffee or relaxing with a good book. The closest thing we have is probably the Oko Yogurt on Austin St. and then the Barnes & Noble and the two Starbucks.

There’s something charming about the type of places I visited in Park Slope over the weekend. Places like Ozzie’s Coffee (pictured below). And like Park Slope’s Community Bookstore. With several storefronts in our area currently unoccupied, let’s hope we get a few more establishments like these.

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