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Stormy Weather

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Queens Blvd. tonight

What, Oh What To Do About Queens Blvd.?

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For those Forest Hillers who live on the north side of town, it is pretty much a daily part of existence, at least during the many times when they need to venture to Austin St. to do some shopping or grab a bite. For many other Forest Hillers – it can be put mostly out of mind. Until, that is, they need to pay a visit on foot to their friends up north.

Of course I am talking about Queens Blvd.

I’ll put it quite frankly: if we want Forest Hills to be more attractive and more inviting, something has to be done to improve the look of Queens Blvd.

Planting more trees in the central islands like on Park Avenue would be nice for starters.

New Subway Map and a New Elevator!

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Have you gotten a copy of the new subway map yet?

You can find it here:

Also, some breaking news to report. Apparently, the 71St-Continental Subway Station is going to finally get an elevator. Read all about it here:

By the way, on these hot, humid summer days, you really have to appreciate the new E & F trains (and now they are adding new R’s & V’s as well).  Want to get yourself in a good mood? Just think back to a year ago when they were still using those old E trains. You know, the one’s where the air conditioning was usually on the fritz.

Yes, the MTA can be frustrating a lot of times, but these new trains make the commute to Manhattan from Forest Hills so much more pleasant! And I find the F trains are rather uncrowded at certain times of the morning. You can even get a seat sometimes.

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