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A Call for Volunteers

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I am reposting this below from the Queens Central blog. Please go here to comment, or to contact Steve:

It’s Time to Volunteer and Support Forest Hills

The statue of Captain Gerald MacDonald (1882-1929), a World War I soldier and former resident of Forest Hills, in MacDonald Park.

Feedback on the neglectful condition of MacDonald Park has already been forwarded to Parks and Recreation and our local elected officials. The recently renovated park, costing some $800K, still leaves much to be desired. It’s an embarrassment to Forest Hills, what with The Gardens located just 5 blocks away.
Another potential volunteer project that came to mind is a spruce-up of the small sitting park on the triangle at Queens Blvd and 67th Av.
All bollards and benches need painting and the 2 long-standing barren tree pits need trees or at least some kind of landscaping for the elderly to enjoy. Simple, yet effective.
Permission from NYC to carry out this project to be requested.

This community project would only take about 2 hours to complete.

Anyone interested? Any ideas to improve our neighborhood’s look and feel?

Why volunteer now?
Drastic city budget cuts have prompted many community groups city-wide to step in and assist in tiding over basic quality of life shortfalls.

Thanks for your support.


The Sandwich Conundrum

June 25, 2010 4 comments

I have a sandwich theory and you are extremely lucky to have found my blog because I am about to share it with you.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had a sandwich anywhere in the city, let alone Forest Hills, that really blew me away. I’ve tried them from a lot of places, but am always disappointed.

So here’s my theory, developed over years of thought and discussion with others. I think the problem is rooted in the low-fat food craze of the nineties. I think the fear of food we took on from those years has left us off balance and we have never quite recovered. People used to not be afraid of food, they would put plenty of filling, rich and tasty ingredients on their sandwiches. But then we were told to fear certain ingredients for health reasons and this upset the apple cart. Years later, what are we left with? Bland sandwiches that just aren’t satisfying. In fact, it’s pretty simple these days – want a good sandwich, you probably have to make it yourself and load onto it all those great ingredients that we are told to avoid like the plague. Hogwash!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I remember visiting one terrific sandwich place in Ann Arbor, Michigan – Zingerman’s Deli. Now there was a place that knew how to make a damn good sandwich! And it wasn’t just jewish deli-type food like you find in Katz’s or Ben’s Best here in Rego Park, (both of which are fantastic, by the way). Zingerman’s had a huge menu board on the wall with a hundred sandwiches, all marvelous combinations of tasty, soul-stirring ingredients! You ate that sandwich and you were full, done until the next meal, or later. Now that’s a sandwich.

Boy could we use a place like that in Forest Hills!

Hollywood Hills (cont.)

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, the weekend is once again upon us so that means it’s movie time again. Every so often I’d like to highlight movies that were filmed right here in Forest Hills. This week’s choice: Spiderman.

New residents might not be aware that scenes for this movie were filmed right here in their neighborhood. In fact, a scene crucial to the plot, and to all the subsequent plots of the Spiderman movies, where Peter Parker discovers his powers, was actually filmed right at the corner of Austin Street and Ascan when Tobey MaGuire can be seen running across the street with the Natural store in full view for a few seconds. The scene then switches to where he scales the wall and then leaps from rooftop to rooftop.

I remember I saw this movie for the first time at the Midway Theater. It was kind of surreal to be sitting there and suddenly see the neighborhood just outside the theater pop up on the screen!

Editor’s Note: Earlier I had the clip of the scene posted here, but I have decided to take it down. It didn’t sit well with me — and is probably downright illegal! — to be encouraging piracy of movies – which is what the YouTube clip is (someone uploaded the entire movie to it). So if you want to see the clip, buy or rent the DVD. Or Blu-Ray if it’s out on that, even better! And never buy pirated DVD’s anywhere! It only ends up harming you in the long run because it hurts the profits of the filmmakers who you enjoy.

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