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Making New York A Better Place For Seniors

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The Times had an interesting article today about ways to make the City a more welcoming place for senior citizens as they become a larger and larger part of the population.

“New York has become a safer city, and we have such richness of parks and culture that we’re becoming a senior retirement destination,” the article quotes one official. Read all about it here:   A Fast-Paced City Tries to Be a Gentler Place to Grow Old

Now if they’ll only extend the WALK signals across Queens Blvd. so us 40-year-olds can cross it in time also !!

Queens Blvd. Supermarket Update

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My top-notch sources now tell me the ‘Twin Value’ moniker is actually connected to the Key Food corporation, not Associated. So could we be getting another Key Food-operated supermarket at the former Trade Fair site on Queens Blvd.? If so, probably there goes the possibility of it being upscale in any form or fashion. 😦

Heat Wave Poll!

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