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How You Can Help Save the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium

July 25, 2010 2 comments

I am sharing an email I received from Michael Perlman, Chair of the Rego-Forest Preservation Council, about how we can all help save the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium:

The best way to help preserve the historic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium is 2 ways:

1. Inform any contacts (members) that you know of at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium to vote against the plan to sell the historic Stadium to a developer, who will very likely demolish it for a condo. The vote to sell the stadium is slated for August 19th.

The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium is truly an American icon in terms of tennis of course, musically, and architecturally. It was the first concrete stadium of its type in the country, is internationally known, and was referred to as the “World Capital of Tennis.” The facade is embellished with eagles, shields bearing the West Side Tennis Club logo, and grand historic archways. It was the home to the U.S. Open, singles championships, Wrightman Cup, Davis Cup, and a number of firsts in tennis history. It was also home to music festivals starring Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Trini Lopez, The Who, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, The Monkees, etc. The Tudor Clubhouse dates to 1913 (Famed Architect Grosvenor Atterbury & John Almay Tompkins), and the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium dates to 1923 (Famed Architect Kenneth M. Murchison). The West Side Tennis Club helped establish the sport of tennis in the US. Forest Hills is known for tennis, and tennis is known for Forest Hills.

: Based on the above significance and your own sentiments, please write a letter supporting landmark status to Chair Tierney of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Clubhouse, interiors, and grounds should be calendared for a public hearing ASAP. It is unfair how the board of the West Side Tennis Club feels that only the members should vote on its potential sale on Aug 19th, and how the greater public (who the stadium was conceived for) is being excluded. If restored and adaptively reused for concerts and smaller tennis matches, it would enhance the appeal of the neighborhood, and preserve a historic icon. Green “historic” space is prime, and we don’t need typical condos in a neighborhood accustomed to overdevelopment. City landmarking will preserve the historic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Clubhouse, grounds, & interiors for future generations to cherish, increase the chances of funding for repairs, & ultimately enhance our quality of life.

Please e-mail the Landmarks Preservation Commission a letter requesting landmark status ASAP. It can be brief, yet meaningful. Contact:


Photos, memorabilia, history (paste link into browser):

Please help and also forward this letter campaign e-mail to all your contacts. Time is of the essence!

Thank you,
Michael Perlman

Rego-Forest Preservation Council, Chair (Rego Park & Forest Hills)

Four Borough Preservation Alliance Corp, Queens VP

Queens Preservation Council, Bd. of Dir.

Central Queens Historical Association, Bd. of Dir.

Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre, Chair

Friends of The RKO Keith’s Flushing Theatre, Member

Committee To Save The Forum Diner/Cheyenne Diner/Moondance Diner, Chair

A Little Charm on Austin

July 25, 2010 1 comment

Now this is what I call creative retailing and something we could use a lot more of on Austin.

The always cute Homefront store has decided to bring a little bit of a vacation feel to our main shopping strip this summer by playing up something its always had: fudge!

Why can’t other stores on Austin bring a little more quaint charm to their windows like Homefront has?

In case you’re not familiar with Homefront, it is located near the corner of 72nd Road.

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