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Getting Ready for Film Shoot

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The scene on 72nd Avenue this evening as the neighborhood awaits the filming of local scenes for the movie "Detachment."

Wild Weather

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Yes, New York City does get tornadoes, though they are quite rare. And our fellow outer borough, The Bronx, is the latest to have experienced this phenomenon just this past weekend.

From The Times:

N.Y. / Region
Published: July 27, 2010
The tornado that sent winds of 100 miles an hour through Riverdale on Sunday was not a first. Six tornadoes have been confirmed in New York City since 1950, when records were first kept.

Paranormal Activity on Austin St.

July 27, 2010 2 comments

A concerned reader has emailed me about an apparent case of “marketing gone wild” on Austin St. The culprit, this person reports, is one of our very own neighborhood psychics who has taken it upon his or herself to start nailing ads to Austin St. trees.

Here is what the reader wrote to me via email:

Late Sunday night/early Monday morning, Pamela, a neighborhood psychic, nailed & screwed plastic advertisements to over a dozen trees on Austin St & 71st Ave.

We all have differing opinions about our neighborhood, and some of us are more tolerant than others about flyers posted on street lamps and other public property.

Not only is Pamela vandalising healthy trees – THIS ACTIVITY IS CRIMINAL.

Neon signage for Pamela’s business is visible in a window above the Vitamin Shop on 71st Ave & Queens Blvd. Pamela’s number is 718-835-5890. I called Pamela last night to express my outrage at and was met with a less than polite response. I then called 311 to report this, and called Pamela again to let her know I will report her to every agency in this City that will take a report.

I read these forums everyday and post when I feel I have something important to contribute. I know there are a dedicated group on here who will find this destruction of public property as offensive as I do.

Today, I will continue to contact anyone I can to report this woman, and I urge everyone to do the same.

Life in this City has its share of headaches and this might not be that important to most people. When I walk down Austin St. I see an escalation of people who don’t think twice about throwing their garbage on the street. Traffic lights and stop signs are ignored constantly and I fear that a unique street in our neighborhood will continue to erode if concerned neighbors don’t start speaking out.

Thanks to everyone who will make a few calls today to let this woman know her behavior is unacceptable. Please call Pamela (718-835-5890), 311, our local City Council representative, and even Anthony Weiner’s office. If anyone has contacts at any neighborhood newspapers, please call them as well.

A concerned Forest Hills neighbor

Cleanup of Sitting Park at 67 Av and Queens Blvd

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Sounds like a nice way to spend a couple of hours. Just think about it this way, you’d probably feel a heck of a lot better after doing this than watching another several hours of those New Jersey Housewives pulling each others’ hair out! 🙂 Contact Steve at if you are interested in lending a hand:

Many of you already know of the deplorable condition of the small sitting triangle park at 67th Av and QB. As mentioned earlier, I have just submitted to NYC Parks and Recreation the following proposal to clean it up:
Powerwash pigeon droppings from benches and sidewalk (Imagine people who utilize this park having to sit in this toxic setting!)
Parks is working on a way to eradicate the pigeon problem. Any ideas?
Paint the benches and perimeter bollards
Prune the trees of dead branches.
Plant in the 2 empty tree pits– something creative for all to enjoy
Rake and sweep the park.
The project should take approximately 2 hours.
Proposed dates: August 14th or 21st, depending on Park approval and volunteer support.
Time: 9:00 – 11:00
I will need at least 8 volunteers.
Free breakfast will be offered.
Let me know if you can spare the 2 hours.
I can drive anyone who needs a ride.
Thanks for your support in helping make Forest Hills a better place in which to live.
(I realize MacDonald Park needs more attention, but witnessing senior citizens sitting in this poor excuse for a park, really hit a nerve.)

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