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Back to the Future

My top-notch sources report this morning that those unsightly signs tacked onto Austin St. trees by one of our neighborhood psychics had been removed by last night. By whom we don’t know. Now I wonder if Pamela predicted that??

  1. August 1, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    We feel very enthusiastic about preserving our beautiful trees and green spaces, in addition to historic buildings. Forest Hills is a package filled with character, that we mustn’t deplete but defend. We frown upon some homeowners who have sacrificed mature trees for cement or pavers, for example, which took a century to mature so gracefully. Also noticeable is some tree pits in the neighborhood, where some greedy residents randomly poured cement over it. Whenever a tree is dead or missing, you should all note the location and complete an online form, which goes to the Parks Dept, as well as call 311.

    Thank you and our mutual friend for alerting us about the “psycho psychic.” As if her neon sign wasn’t prominent enough at 1 Continental Ave, now she has the nerve to take out her attitude on our beautiful trees, by nailing in her business ad. This MUST be stopped! We bet she cannot even predict which city organizations would reprimand her. Everyone, please call 311, Karen Koslowitz, Congressman Anthony Weiner, and Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi, and let them know we will not let a psychic destroy our natural wonders.

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