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Subway Delays Tonight

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
NYC Subway

Image by JeffreyPutman via Flickr

UPDATED 8:12 p.m.: Just a quick update – This fire or smoke condition or whatever it is near 75th Ave. is actually impacting pretty much all of the trains heading to Forest Hills tonight. And from what I hear, the conductors are giving people on the trains virtually no information about what is causing the horrendous delays other than “train traffic ahead.” Meanwhile, what should be a 30 minute ride is turning into about an hour and a half for most of them.


If you are waiting for someone to get home tonight, the MTA is reporting a “smoke condition” at 75th Avenue, affecting the F, M and R lines. So that might be the reason for the delays.

Just thought I’d put the word out, since God forbid any of the local “news” would cover such an insignificant thing as thousands of people being delayed due to a fire somewhere in the subway system.

Now, if there’s a car holding up traffic somewhere, that’s a whole other story.

While I’m on the topic, when are they going to get cell phone or at least internet service down there in those tunnels so we can communicate with our friends and loved one’s when there are delays like these?? Pathetic!

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