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Wintry Weather

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment
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It’s official – at 9:10 this morning I saw the first frozen precip of the season bouncing off my windows here in The Hills in the form of sleety ice pellets. This is pretty early for us. Usually we don’t see the first wintry weather until around Thanksgiving. I wonder if this is a sign of a snowy winter ahead?

Retailing it in Rego

November 8, 2010 5 comments

Finally ventured over to the relatively new Rego Center this weekend to take a look and actually do a bit of shopping. I know I am rather late in giving this new mall which opened some time ago some blog attention, but what can I say? I haven’t had a chance ’til now!

Overall, I really like it – especially the Century 21 perched at the very top. This is a much better version of the original one downtown in Manhattan. It is much more spacious, sparklingly new of course, and free of millions of European tourists elbowing with you for that last decent-looking $10 dress shirt. What more could you want?

The subterranean CostCo is also a sight to behold. It is enormous, as CostCo’s tend to be. But as I debated signing up for the $50 membership, I couldn’t help repeating to myself: “But will I really ever buy any of this stuff?” Maybe a 10-pack of paper towels, yes. But a 4-box set of Cheerios? I gave that stuff up a long time ago for the natural varieties anyway, I ain’t going to be switching back now just because I can get it in bulk.

My sci-fi-geared mind also couldn’t help thinking of the next Stephen King novel – Does CostCo realize it has built perhaps the largest bomb shelter ever? Food and water to last years? Check! Deep underground? Check. Endless amounts of clothing? Check! An endless supply of DVD’s? Check! Oh, and plenty of aspirin and other drugs too. You really could live there forever if you had to.

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