I know there have been a lot of different blogs about Forest Hills, NY over the years, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in with my own take on our interesting neighborhood.

Given where it’s situated, almost the border of New York City and Long Island, Forest Hills is really unlike any other place – a mix of the urban and the suburban. On one hand, it may seem like it’s the last touch of New York City before suburban Long Island takes over. On the other, it feels like suburbia is the dominant culture in Forest Hills, with bits of New York City trying to punch its way through.

Whichever of these interpretations you agree with, it’s definitely true that Forest Hills is constantly changing. As the city and the suburban vie with each other within this eastern portion of New York City, the result is an interesting blend of the two ways of life and a population divided between more urban development and maintaining that feeling of suburbia. This blog will explore this neighborhood as it continues to evolve.

Let me know what you think.
Email me at edgeofthecity@gmail.com
– Drake

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