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Trade Fair Now Twin Value Marketplace

July 20, 2010 8 comments

My top-notch sources do indeed confirm this evening that the sign is up – the former Trade Fair on Queens Blvd. will now be known as Twin Value Marketplace.

Supposedly, it is owned by Key Food. Hopefully, it is a better version?? 🙂

Queens Blvd. Supermarket Update

July 19, 2010 Leave a comment

My top-notch sources now tell me the ‘Twin Value’ moniker is actually connected to the Key Food corporation, not Associated. So could we be getting another Key Food-operated supermarket at the former Trade Fair site on Queens Blvd.? If so, probably there goes the possibility of it being upscale in any form or fashion. 😦

Unconfirmed Rumor About Associated Supermarket

July 18, 2010 Leave a comment

My top-notch sources tell me the Associated Supermarket on Queens Blvd. may be called Twin Value. It also may reopen in a couple of weeks. Both factoids, however, have yet to be confirmed so I would not bet my hat on them. Supposedly, the idea is for the Associated to open on the location a more upscale version of itself and the former Trade Fair that used to be there, possibly as this new Twin Value incarnation.

Forest Hills, The Natural Way

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

For all my griping on this blog about how Forest Hills could use a more upscale supermarket, a trip to Natural, the large independent grocer at the corner of Austin and Ascan, recently made me really appreciate just how good we have it here in FoHi. I mean, this really is a quality store. Just think if we didn’t have it. Yes it’s not a big chain like Whole Foods, but it really stocks high quality, fresh food to the rafters. If you’re looking for food that is good for you, it’s an excellent option. I’ve been going there for years and years and I have always, always found the people who run it to be friendly and helpful. And their expansion a few years ago made an already good thing that much better. Keep up the good work Natural!

Natural has been improving its beverage selection. They have a really impressive selection of healthy drinks and craft beers.

The owners of Natural usually keep the line, which can get pretty long sometimes, moving very fast.

When it expanded a few years ago, Natural also expanded its deli counter.

Always friendy and fast, Natural's cashiers will also give you free fruit if you buy a certain amount.

Food, Glorious Food!

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the things I’ve learned since starting this blog a few weeks ago is the strong interest many Forest Hills residents have in gaining access to better quality, healthier food. This relatively new blog has seen a jump in traffic since I posted photos of what many other people in New York City already take for granted — a local Farmer’s Market.
In case you’re not aware, this Saturday was the first day for the Forest Hills Farmer’s Market on Metropolitan Avenue. (see my previous posts for the photos and information about the new Market.) Attendance the first day wasn’t bad, but was held down by the heavy rain. But judging by the online interest in the Market shown by visitors here and on blogs like Queen Central, it should be a big success.
This all points to one of the most unfortunate things about living the “urban” life here in Forest Hills — which partly means you, like me, do not own a car because you moved to Forest Hills from Manhattan and didn’t own one then and aren’t going to start now for a bunch of reasons — without a car you are restricted to Key Food or Associated for your supermarket. Not something to jump for joy about. Have you seen the quality of produce in Key Food? Thank God we also have Natural to fulfill our need for that!
But take one trip to any suburban town, or Manhattan, and you see what we carless have been missing. There are entire categories of new foods that have arisen over the years that I probably haven’t even encountered!
So it’s no surprise to me that there is such an interest in the new Farmer’s Market with its charming mixture of fresh, high quality produce and gourmet food, something our community has been sorely lacking.
If some developer or supermarket chain finally realizes that there are plenty of carless Forest Hillers who are aching for a pleasurable grocery experience within easy walking distance they will be rewarded with a very successful business indeed, as the Farmer’s Market vendors are discovering.

Farmer’s Market Tomorrow

July 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, it’s true, we now have a weekly alternative to Natural and the one or two other decent grocers in our neighborhood: our own Farmer’s Market, which has its inaugural debut this Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

This new weekly Farmer’s Market will be held  at 101-15 Metropolitan Avenue (right off 71st Avenue). It will be there every Saturday from 8am – 4pm.

Organizers promise lots of fresh farm produce from local farms.

What’s better than a nice fresh peach or plum during the summer?

Facelift Progressing

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Is it just me, or did this look quite a bit different just a couple of days ago?

It seems the makeover of the Associated Supermarket on Queens Blvd. (formerly Trade Fair) is moving along quite nicely.

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