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Retailing it in Rego

November 8, 2010 5 comments

Finally ventured over to the relatively new Rego Center this weekend to take a look and actually do a bit of shopping. I know I am rather late in giving this new mall which opened some time ago some blog attention, but what can I say? I haven’t had a chance ’til now!

Overall, I really like it – especially the Century 21 perched at the very top. This is a much better version of the original one downtown in Manhattan. It is much more spacious, sparklingly new of course, and free of millions of European tourists elbowing with you for that last decent-looking $10 dress shirt. What more could you want?

The subterranean CostCo is also a sight to behold. It is enormous, as CostCo’s tend to be. But as I debated signing up for the $50 membership, I couldn’t help repeating to myself: “But will I really ever buy any of this stuff?” Maybe a 10-pack of paper towels, yes. But a 4-box set of Cheerios? I gave that stuff up a long time ago for the natural varieties anyway, I ain’t going to be switching back now just because I can get it in bulk.

My sci-fi-geared mind also couldn’t help thinking of the next Stephen King novel – Does CostCo realize it has built perhaps the largest bomb shelter ever? Food and water to last years? Check! Deep underground? Check. Endless amounts of clothing? Check! An endless supply of DVD’s? Check! Oh, and plenty of aspirin and other drugs too. You really could live there forever if you had to.

Brick and Mortar Memories

September 2, 2010 4 comments

Before the internet, I used to do most of my browsing in the aisles of great bookstores like our neighborhood Barnes & Noble on Austin St.

More recently, that activity has been replaced by browsing of the digital kind, for instance on my Kindle.

But now comes word that the enormous Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Square in Manhattan is closing and will become a Century 21 store. A Century 21 store???!

I have so many wonderful memories of that gigantic bookstore, pretty much from the time it opened. I remember how excited I was every time I went there. It was a great place to just while away a lazy afternoon, cracking open one book after another, never knowing what I would discover next.

Now that will be replaced by bargain clothing. How exciting.

I am all for progress. And I absolutely love my Kindle. I end pretty much every day clicking away on the thing. But I will definitely miss that wonderful Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Square. And I truly hope our store here on Austin isn’t next.

I remember when I discovered last year that suddenly all the Virgin Megastores in the City had closed. That was bad, but it was more like an incovenience level-bad, an annoyance.

Ever since I was a teenager and had a few hours to spare, I’d jump in the car and head on over to my nearest bookstore, usually a B&N and, oftentimes a steaming Starbucks in hand, meander through the aisles.

I haven’t done it in a while actually, since, like I said, I can now carry my bookstore with me wherever I go thanks to my Kindle. But just knowing that I soon might never be able to do it ever again, makes me want to more than ever.

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