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Celeb Sighting – More Info

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment
Brett Ratner holding a $100 bill and a produce...

Director Brett Ratner was recently seen having lunch with actor Ben Stiller here in Forest Hills.

My top-notch sources have done a little digging and have come up with this as what may have brought actor Ben Stiller and film director Brett Ratner together for a nice lunch at Dee’s on Metropolitan Avenue recently:

Ben Stiller, Brett Ratner, and Brian Grazer Make NYC Heist Plans For November

Multiple Personalities

October 3, 2010 2 comments

Isn’t it interesting how different Forest Hills can be from one day to the next?

Last night, we had helicopters buzzing overhead as a disturbed man went slashing people with a razor blade on Austin. While today, on a crisp, Autumnal morning it’s as if that never happened. We have a family-friendly street fair on Austin going on in the same place as last night’s craziness.

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