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Planes, Trains and WTF ??

Siemens Velaro China (Velaro CN / CRH3

A Chinese supertrain. Don't look for our version anytime soon, apparently!

Cell phone service is coming to the subway, slowly, and only to some, for now, the rest over four years…. geez: City Room: Phone Carriers Sign On to Bring Service to Subways

And while we’re on the topic of trains, I just saw this other article on The Times website:

Published: October 4, 2010
Republicans running for governor in a handful of states could block, or significantly delay, President Obama’s plan to build high-speed rail.
And that would be because, um, train travel is so god damn awful isn’t it? God forbid we should have high-speed trains here in the good old USA like they do, in say, hmmm, virtually every other advanced society on the planet? Oh, and I guess it might also be because airline travel these days is just soooo awesome, comfortable, convenient, pleasant, roomy, relaxing….
  1. Kelly
    October 5, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    Speaking of trains, any idea why the subway station at 71st/Continental and Queens Blvd. is closed today? There are several emergency vehicles and police cars there. They’re letting people out, but not in. This was at 11:00 am today.

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